Star Bar – The best start to an excellent car finish!

After you clean your car, its time to really clean your car. Every auto that you re-condition should be prepped for polish/glaze or wax. The Star Bar* will deep clean and smooth out all painted auto finishes. Want the perfect finish? STAR BAR* your car!!!

The 5 steps to re-conditioning STARdom!

STAR BAR – By the numbers:

  1. Wash vehicle using Gleam Car Wash Shampoo or Suds‘n Shine.
  2. Knead the “STAR BAR” in your hands with a little Showroom Beauty to soften and lube clay bar. Next, flatten or pancake to the size of about your palm.
  3. Lube surface by misting Showroom Beauty onto a 4’x4’ section of the vehicle to be clayed.
  4. Begin to clay vehicle. Use back and forth motions (not circular). Use only enough pressure as needed in order to lift surface imperfections and contaminants.
  5. Rinse & dry areas thoroughly with soft clean cloth or microfiber towel.

Repeat steps 1-5 over entire vehicle. Only then is the vehicle’s finish smooth, deep cleaned and ready to be polished, glazed, waxed and/or sealed.

Be careful not to drop clay bar. If you do, pinch off any dirt or residue. If clay bar becomes too contaminated, discard of it properly.