Car washing suds and shine

Star Suds ‘n Shine (SNS)


Suds ‘n Shine is one of the finest formulations ever! This premium formula car wash with long-lasting suds will get your car sparkling clean. Super concentrated – use one part product to 100 parts water. Just wash your car and watch it bead! Plus, Suds ‘n Shine is fast drying and spot-free!

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Product Description

Suds n' Shine Car Wash


Suds n' Shine Car Wash Concentrate

and Shine

Suds ‘n Shine is our best car wash product! Thick, rich, and concentrated (up to 128:1) for high sudsing and superb cleaning. Emulsifiers are added to loosen dirt, lifting it from the surface, and enabling the grime to be rinsed away. Finally, special additives induce a cascading of ‘sheets’ of suds on the surfaces which reduce dry time by up to 50% and leaving that “just waxed look!”

Rinses easily and leaves a bright, shiny paint surface. High lubricity tunnel washes. Clearcoat safe. VOC compliant.

Biodegradable and non-flammable.

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