Sani Coop Germicide

Sani-Coop Germicide


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Just use Sani-Coop once a week on water fountains, feeders, perches, nest boxes, bath pans, nest boxes, etc., and you will have cleaner, healthier, and happier birds! Sani-Coop is a highly concentrated quaternary ammonium based germicide that kills Samonella (the cause of Paratyphoid in pigeons), Paramyxovirus, E-Coli, and a wide range of germs and bacteria – regular use of Sani-Coop can help reduce medication costs by up to 50%!!
Sani-Coop is concentrated: use 0.175 Oz. (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) in a quart of water for effective disinfectant. And Sani-Coop is cost effective: 1 quart of disinfecting solution (after dilution) costs less than 20 cents!
Healthy birds win races! Keep your birds healthy-use Sani-Coop.
Sani-Coop is widely available at your favorite pigeon supply dealer! Or you can order direct from Commercial Cleanser Co. 1 quart sprayer bottles with instructions are also available for ease of use.

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