Mission Statement

Dear Customer,

Eric Sonnesyn, President Commercial Cleanser CompanyPerhaps you have heard the statement “go the extra mile”. This concept is from “The Sermon on the Mount” given by Jesus. (See Matthew 5:41) “And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.” Jesus knew that a Roman soldier could compel by law any subject to carry his pack one mile. A soldier’s pack could be very heavy including armour, clothing, food, etc. Jesus asked his followers to carry the pack an additional mile. I wonder how a soldier would feel about the person who did more than what was required and “went the extra mile”?

Our goal is your success!

In our catalog you will find one of the finest array of products and information available in the automotive, industrial, and transportation industries. Many of the cleaning formulations we have developed ourselves. This keeps quality high and price down. We will develop customer specific formulations in order to suit your special needs or problems. Problem solving is our specialty.

You find several “how to” or procedural pages on this website! Knowing how to detail, which products to use, including the procedural order which is critical to your success.

To serve you better we will custom order for you, expedite deliveries even in our personal vehicles, and do it in a friendly, courteous way.

Enjoy perusing our website. Let us help you succeed as we “go the extra mile” for you.


Eric Sonnesyn

President Commercial Cleanser Company