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How to Clean Interiors

Before you begin:

Remove the floor mats and ash trays. Remove contents from the visor, console, side pockets, trunk area and glove box. If you have a compressor, blow out dust in hard to reach places. Then, vacuum the entire interior.

Car interior cleaning - foam buster multi purpose
Blue Interior Shampoo – Available in gallons, 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums

Cleaning the trunk area:

Vacuum the carpeting or floor covering with a shop-vac. Re-paint the trunk if needed. Paint the jack and lug wrench with Black Enamel Aerosol Paint. Clean carpets with a 15:1 solution of Blue Interior Shampoo. Use Hi-Tech Vinyl and Carpet Dyes to cover stains and heavily soiled areas. Clean and dress the spare tire with Dealers ’ Choice non-silicone tire dressing. place everything in the trunk.

Cleaning the Upholstery:

Finally, retreat fabric with Blue Interior Shampoo diluted 8:1 with water for heavy cleaning, 16:1 for normal soil and 32:1 as a general cleaner. If you have a fabric soil extractor, we recommend any Thoro-Matic model, using Carpet XtraX diluted 64:1 with water. Product should be added to solution tank only after proper dilution. Use extractor as directed by the manufacturer. For more foaming action, for use by hand, try our Carpet Bragger (high foaming) upholstery cleaner concentrate, diluted up to 32:1 with water. If heavy duty spot cleaning is necessary, use No-Spot –fabric spot cleaner. If a solvent cleaner is desired, Citri-Solve is simply the best! Special Note: when pre-treating, always blot target in order to prevent spreading the stain.

Cleaning the Headliner and Accessories:

When cleaning the headliner, use Rug & Upholstery Aerosol Shampoo. Its a high foaming cleaner that keeps the head- liner from becoming over saturated with soap and water. Using Blue Interior Shampoo , or neutral pH, biodegradable, Citri-Clean, gently remove soil from all the vinyl and rubber surfaces of the interior. Use a stronger dilution for heavy cleaning. Light agitation with a brush will loosen stubborn dirt. Next, clean the seat belts with No-Spot or any of the above cleaners.

foam buster multi purpose
Carpet Bragger – Available in 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums

Cleaning the Carpets and Floor Mats:

Worn or faded carpets can be restored quickly using Hi-Tech Vinyl and Carpet Dyes. These dyes are available in 10 (non-OEM ) colors. Clean carpets by vacuuming first, then use No-Spot with an applicator or brush to remove heavy soil and stains. Apply Carpet Bragger to also clean the floor mats, & allow to dry. Replace in vehicle. Now is the time to clean all air vents. Use Instant Shine aerosol dressing to dress these areas. Next, Vinyl Guard Plus ( diluted 4:1 with water ) is used to dress all areas that require treating, ie.. dashes, jams, door panels.

Finally, clean the mirrors and all the inside windows using either Brite-Glass Cleaner, or Glitter Aerosol Glass Cleaner, then the outside windows. If any upholstery or carpeting is still damp, leave doors open to dry or use the Thoro-Matic Air Dryer in order to enhance drying.