Custom Pressure Washer Systems

We plan and install custom machines for:



Here are a few more examples of our custom systems:

Mobile Truck Washing System

We installed a complete mobile truck washing system including tank, two hot water pressure washers custom vented to the rear and all piping, extra long hoses and hose reels, with appropriate guns and nozzels.

Mobile truck washing, Chicago area

Mobile truck wash job site

On the job site

Mobile Pressure Washing System

Car Wash System

We built a dual machine which is trigger gun activated with the equipment runinng alternately or concurently as demand requires. We also piped their building and installed two foamers and two 360 degree beams.

Custom car wash systems, IllinoisCar washing, dual machine

Electric Portable Machines

For Northwestern University Research Center we built 4 electric portable machines as pictured. Each machine can handle hot water up to 180 F and has automatic start/stop capability and an aluminum cover.

Portable pressure washer electricHot water pressure washing cart


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